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Auto mall biometric security scan

Auto Mall Security Case Study

CHALLENGE Miami Lakes Auto Mall needed a cost-effective way to increase security of the high-volume, new vehicle traffic in and out of the parking facility. The auto mall’s goal was to ensure that only specific staff can access and move vehicles to and from the parking ramp without using an unsecured card-based system. EYELOCK’S SOLUTION […]

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Financial Services

Financial Services

THE CHALLENGE Bank of America needed a cost-effective way to provide the most secure identity solution available and provide employees with a fast, convenient way to enter their buildings and other secure locations. The bank was looking to reduce costs associated with access control cards as well as the risk associated with lost or stolen

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THE CHALLENGE As one of the safest cities in Mexico, the city of Leon needed a reliable and secure way to accurately identify prisoners in corrections facilities as well as for access control for 911 call centers. They were looking for a fast and accurate way to enroll prisoners upon entering jail, allow for easy

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Hilton, Hyatt and Loews hotels logos


THE CHALLENGE Hilton, Hyatt and Loews were looking for a way to bolster the identity authentication protocol of their cash management systems. Employees were routinely lending access cards to one-an-other and sharing passwords-as a result cash losses were impossible to track. They needed a data log that accurately identified every person handling cash management tasks.

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Southern College of Optometry

Southern College of Optometry

THE CHALLENGE Southern College of Optometry needed to control access to its new Advanced Procedures Theater and Digital Observatory, a facility which houses hundreds of thousands of dollars in advanced technology EYELOCK’S SOLUTION EyeLock uses video based technology to look at more than 240 unique characteristics in each iris. In real time, EyeLock’s proprietary algorithm

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