NanoAccess® from EyeLock is the First Biometric-Centric Access Control System

There’s never been an access control solution that was designed with biometrics and total data privacy in mind.

No access cards? No problem!

NanoAccess® was designed with biometrics in mind and it does not require you to use access cards unless you want to use them and NanoAccess works with all EyeLock biometric devices, including iris and face. YOU ARE YOUR PASSWORD.

Mobile phone as a credential.

NanoAccess® allows the administrator to email users in mass a unique mobile credential. The system populates the mobile device and the system database. Just present the phone or smart device to the reader. NanoAccess even supports Smart Watches like the Apple and Samsung watch!

Biometric authentication from the phone.

This is an industry first. NanoAccess® works with EyeLock’s “biometrics on a phone” app and when deployed across the system, allows a user to enroll his/her face on their mobile device and then with a touch of the screen, unlocks doors or gates from up to 30 feet away! This technology is perfect for parking ramps, gate control or logical access.

Browser based.

NanoAccess® is a browser-based solution so there is no software to buy, install or upgrade. You use your browser to connect to one of the access panels and set everything up from there. Want to run NanoAccess from your Apple IOS® device? No problem. NanoAccess is not tied to any specific operating system. NanoAccess has redefined the access control industry!

Cloud based

Need to manage the access system from home or while on your vacation? NanoAccess® is a fully functional cloud-based solution. Your preferred browser takes you to the cloud wherever you are. The ability to control your system can be done from anywhere at any time. This gives you maximum productivity from anywhere in the world.

Nano Access Single Door Controller

This product is very small, only about 3” x 3” in size. (84mm = 3.3” by 80mm = 3.1”)  Its size is one of its biggest selling features.

NanoAceess 2-4 door Controller

NanoAccess 2/4 Door Controller

Portable templates on a card.

Need absolute data privacy? When we say we can protect a user’s biometric privacy, we mean it. NanoAccess can encode a user’s biometric template on a smart card or mobile device. By doing so, that user’s biometric template will not exist on any PC, server, or database anywhere in the world. EyeLock’s technology meets the strictest privacy requirements associated with GDPR and PII.

Manage the system from your mobile phone.

By simply scanning the QR code on your panel with your cell phone, you can access the NanoAccess system from your mobile phone or tablet. Today’s customers expect mobile management and the ability to access their system via a smart device. NanoAccess Mobile® is our mobile management app and comes standard with NanoAccess. It connects to our cloud service via an SSL and uses AES256 bit encryption to communicate from the cloud to the system at the client’s location. This core feature app provides simple management of the system. Some of our competitors promote mobile management but they either charge monthly fees and or do not provide secure connection to the system.

Need Elevator control?

Done. NanoAccess® supports Elevator Control with up to eight elevator cabs and 96 floors per cab. Where other access control suppliers charge for it, Elevator Control support is free with NanoAccess.

Smart Reports.

Create a report the way you need it. Click “Run” and NanoAccess will generate a report presenting the data the way you need it. No other software is required. Whether you need a simple report or a compliance report that needs to have certain key data, outputted in a certain way and only viewable by certain personnel, NanoAccess has the tools you need. No third-party reporting software is required, and all reports can be viewable with an IOS, Android or Window’s device.

Features for Single Door Controller

  • Each module functions as a Server, Expansion panel or Elevator
  • Out of the box ready browser managed
  • Embedded Linux operating system
  • 2 Readers (In/Out)
  • 2 Relays (Lock/Aux)
  • 3 Inputs (REX, DPS, Aux) Global
  • ETL Certified – UL 294
  • Includes Mounting Bracket
  • 1 year warranty
  • Part Number: NA1DC

Note: This document is subject to change without notice.

Specifications for Single Door Controller

ProcessorQuad Core Cortex, 1.5 GHz
Memory1GB DDR3 & 8GB eMMc
Operating SystemEmbedded Linux
Transactions45 per second
Power RequirementsRegulated 12VDC @ 2A, Class 2 (not supplied)
Operating Temperature50°F to 95°F (10°C to 35°C)
Enclosure Size (W x H x D)3.2 x 3.0 x 1.3in (81 x 78 x 32mm)
Standby Power Requirements350mA @ 12V
Number of Doors1
Readers (Wiegand)2 Total, One In & One Out Reader
Reader Power300mA @ 12V Max per Reader 600mA @ 12V Max per System
Request to Exit (REX) Input1
Door Position (status) Input1
Auxiliary Input1
Tamper Digital InputNA
Power Fault Digital InputNA
Door Lock Output1 Form C Relay, 24V @ 1.0A
Auxiliary Output1 Form C Relay, 24V @ 1.0A

For product features and specifications for the 2-door and 4-door controllers, please download the respective data sheets below.