Investing in your Technology through EyeLock

EyeLock has established an industry leading position in the field of biometric security through its innovative patents and inventions including multiple patents for biometric recognition, accuracy, and reliability. Our inventions in the field of biometric authentication set new benchmarks, offering secure and efficient means of identity verification and our patent portfolio encompasses a range of proprietary algorithms and techniques that enhance the robustness of iris recognition systems. These systems are used to secure our customer’s physical and logical environments (examples include; Office Buildings, Data Centers, Government Buildings, Airports, Educational Institutions, Healthcare Facilities, Research Facilities, Manufacturing Plants, Residential Buildings, Financial Institutions, Prisons and Correctional Facilities, Hotels, Convention Centers, Technology Companies, Sports Stadiums, and more.)

The strength of EyeLock’s patents and inventions lies not only in their technological sophistication but also in their potential to revolutionize the landscape of identity authentication and access control. With over 100 patents granted for innovations in the biometric space, EyeLock’s continues to push the state of the art in biometric authentication.

We invite inquiries about EyeLock patents and technologies as our passion for the industry continues to grow and flourish.

Contact: Brian Sovik, GISP, SFC, PMP