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World-class Facial Recognition

NanoFace™ from EyeLock

World-class facial recognition from a proven biometrics’ leader. When accuracy, speed, distance, privacy, and affordability matters, NanoFace™ from EyeLock is the best solution on the market today. If facial recognition is your preferred biometric modality of choice, NanoFace has everything you need and so much more. 

The NanoFace™ facial recognition algorithm is ranked at the top of those tested by NIST®. NanoFace has also been integrated into the most visible access control brands on the market such as Lenel, Software House, AMAG, Kantech, Honeywell, Genetec, RS2, Open Options, Avigilon, Pacom and Sicunet.  

Nano Face Interface

Key Features

Wide angle face imaging.Outstanding capture volume allows face recognition at distance range (stand-off) of 0.4 to 2.0 meters.  Corresponding height range of 65 cm at subject-to-device distance of 2 meters.
Advanced real time subject tracking with simple user instructions.NanoFace accurately locates the subject face in real time.
Intuitive user interface.Modeled after latest smart-phone user displays, the user experience will be intuitive and effortless for almost all subjects.
Face matching engine.Integrated dual camera and algorithm co-processor to allow utilization of latest and most accurate face algorithm.
Display of authentication (matching) results.Automatic display of matching results, positioned adjacent to subject’s face.
Language support.English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, French.
Large on-board (embedded) face template data base.Stores up to 20,000 active face templates on-board in 1:N recognition (identification) mode.
High speed face matching.Up to 20,000 matches per second on-board.
Fast authentication speedTypical 0.3 seconds in 1:N authentication mode from time subject is detected for typical data base size of 1,000.
Widest range of lighting conditions.Embedded illuminators in both white and NIR ranges expand use in adverse ambient lighting environments.
Standard multi-band RFID reader.MiFare, DesFire (EV1), FeliCa card support with standard embedded ISO/ IEC 14443 reader.
Live face detection.YES, included in proprietary algorithm.
Mask detection.YES
Powerful and simple SDK.Based on EyeLock’s proven high level SDK architecture and code, the NanoFace is simple to integrate.  All APIs reside on host-side application in Windows C++, Windows C# (.NET) and Linux OS, so no device level programming is necessary.  Reference code supplied with SDK.
Full range of deployment options.Standard connections include Ethernet, dual Wiegand in/out, GPI, RS-485, dry contact relay, tamper detection, factory reset button.
Access Control Integration.NanoFace is fully integrated within EyeLock’s EIS biometric software. This provides integration into the most visible access control brands on the market today. Today, these include Lenel, Software House, AMAG, Kantech, Honeywell, Genetec, RS2, Open Options, Avigilon, Pacom and Sicunet with more on the way. 

Technical Specifications

CPUARM octa-core
Memory2 GB RAM
8 GB Flash
Number of camerasTwo (2)
IlluminationOne visible (white) and one near-infrared (NIR) LED for optimal face detection and operation in low ambient light conditions
Dimensions3.93” x 7.87” x 1.42” (100 x 200 x 36 mm)
Weight1.0 pound (450 grams)
Display5.0” (nominal), touchscreen
Operating capture range16” to 78” (40 – 200 cm)
User height range57” to 83” (145 cm to 210 cm) with unit installed at 53” (135 cm)
Face extraction (encoding) and matching algorithmYES, on-board algorithm functions included as standard.
Recognition speed (1:N)Within 1.0 second against internal data base of 20,000 subjects.
Typical 0.3 seconds with data base of 1,000 or less subjects.
Enrollment speedUnder 5.0 seconds
Liveness face detectionYES
Mask detectionYES.  Two modes: 1) refuses authentication if mask is not worn and event log saved; 2) authentication permitted but event log saved.
Database size, on-boardMaximum 20,000 subjects in 1:N mode (authentication)
AudioYES, front speaker
Power requirementStandard ISO/IEC 14443 for MiFare, DesFire EV1 and FeliCa cards
I/O connectionsRJ45 for Ethernet, Wiegand In and Out, GPI (3), dry contact relay, Tamper, Factory Reset, SIM Socket (optional)
USBFor service mode only
Operating temperature range32⁰ to 113⁰ F  (0⁰ to 45⁰ C)
CertificationsISO 9001, CE, FCC Class A, KC, UKCA

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