About eyeLock



Iris authentication is highly secure because no two irises are alike and the iris is the most accurate human identifier other than DNA.

EyeLock, LLC is the acknowledged leader in advanced iris authentication providing the highest level of security with its technology.

The company’s significant IP portfolio, including more than 75 patents granted, patents pending, and proprietary technology enables a high-speed, convenient, touchless, contactless, frictionless, and secure authentication of individuals across different business verticals.


In September 2015, VOXX International Corporation completed its acquisition of a majority voting interest in substantially all of the assets and certain specified liabilities of Eyelock, Inc. and Eyelock Corporation through a newly-formed entity, Eyelock LLC. The total purchase price was $31.9 million.

Eyelock is a market leader or iris-based identity authentication solutions and this acquisition allows the Company to enter into a growing biometrics market. At the time of the investment, VOXX International also expanded its existing supply chain and distribution relationships with Eyelock, playing a larger role in the distribution and sale of Eyelock’s suite of products.

Prior to the transaction, VOXX had served as the exclusive distribution partner of EyeLock’s myris™ product to retailers in North America and throughout Europe. The companies began working together following VOXX International’s initial $3.0 million investment in 2014, which provided VOXX International with a 4.1% ownership position at that time.