Financial Services

Financial Services


Bank of America needed a cost-effective way to provide the most secure identity solution available and provide employees with a fast, convenient way to enter their buildings and other secure locations. The bank was looking to reduce costs associated with access control cards as well as the risk associated with lost or stolen cards.


In April 2010, Bank of America deployed a large network of EyeLock’s iris authentication technology across six of their Charlotte, NC building locations. Over 400 EyeLock devices (EyeSwipe, HCAM, EyeSwipe Mini) were added to lobby turnstiles, elevator banks, board rooms and employee access to each floor


EyeLock’s Trusted Identity Solutions enabled Bank of America to operate in a card-free environment in their flagship facilities. Over 10,000 employees and guests no longer have to present a card to enter the building or secure locations. EyeLock technology provides Bank of America with enhanced security and convenience, ensuring an ultra-secure environment for all employees and guests.