As one of the safest cities in Mexico, the city of Leon needed a reliable and secure way to accurately identify prisoners in corrections facilities as well as for access control for 911 call centers. They were looking for a fast and accurate way to enroll prisoners upon entering jail, allow for easy identification of repeat offenders who do not carry ID, and process inmates.


The Government of Leon and their long-time security technology partner teamed up with EyeLock to ensure the city remains as safe as ever by deploying EyeLock’s iris authentication technology to enable the city to implement an accurate means of identifying criminals. A network of EyeLock iris-based identity authentication devices (EyeSwipe Mini, HCAM) were deployed throughout the city.


EyeLock’s devices enabled identification without delay and provided accuracy without the complexities associated with other identification technologies. The City of Leon was so happy with EyeLock’s devices, that they are expanding the program to all sectors (hospitality, healthcare) within the city and to other areas within the state of Guanajuato. The overseeing organization also decided to set up a headquarters responsible for all identity-management for the city, secured by EyeLoc