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Innovative Iris and Face Recognition in a Single Product

The EyeLock FXT product is one of the first true Dual Modality biometric products on the market today. FXT uniquely supports contactless iris and face recognition functionality in a single unit.

By combining iris and face recognition modalities, the FXT provides universality to its user base, guaranteeing reliable biometric recognition across the entire population of users. This multi-modal approach enables new use cases for clients who aim to build highly secure, flexible, and easy to deploy biometric identity management system.

The FXT uses the latest high-resolution, video-based dual-camera technology to look for the unique characteristics of both the eyes and the face.

As the user approaches the device, the EyeLock algorithm starts capturing multiple images, extracting biometric templates, and performing biometric recognition, until the identity is confirmed, all frictionless, meaning the user doesn’t need to know how to use the device or where to stand to use it.

This dramatically reduces false reject rates as compared with devices that capture only a single set of images. The innovative imaging construction of the FXT provides large and configurable capture volume, without any moving parts, ensuring convenient operation for people of different heights.

Key Benefits

  • Frictionless User Experience – all interactions with the end-user are at real-time, in motion, at a distance, with a live video preview, and they follow the user’s natural behavior.
  • Universality – multi-modality significantly increases the end-user population coverage.
  • Greater Accuracy and Increased Reliability – multi-modality using independent biometrics reduces the rate of authentication failures, delivering high performance for all users.
  • Higher Level of Security – multi-factor authentication (MFA) enables combining two or more authentication factors (iris, face, card, PIN) to add an additional security layer.
  • Lower Vulnerability – difficulty to spoof the multiple biometric traits of a legitimate user.
  • Higher End-User Acceptance – end-users are given more than one choice (it operates in iris only, facial-only and, or iris and facial fusion (simultaneously) mode).
  • Off-the-Shelf Integration with ACS – we seamlessly integrate with any PACS (Wiegand and OSDP) and with major brands of ACS (Access Control Systems) in the market.
  • Advanced Systems – the FXT captures ISO-compliant face and iris images and exposes an API allowing building systems with user-defined workflows, such as those utilizing template-on-card technology, or the systems combined with other types of face or iris devices.


Dimensions (W x H x D)6.17” x 7.66” x 2.29” (157 x 195 x 61 mm)
Weight2.7lbs. (1200 g)
Operational temperature+32°F to +122°F (0°C to +50°C)
HumidityRelative humidity up to 90% (non-condensing)
Wall mounting methodFollows selectric 2-gangbox template
Tripod Mounting¼”-20 threaded
Environmental ratingDesigned for indoor use – IK04; protected against 0.5 joules impact
Power inputPoE+ (IEEE 802.3at), or 12-24 volt/ 30-Watt power adapter with 2.1mm ID x 5.5 mm OD barrel connector (included)
Display5” high-brightness high-resolution touchscreen
Primary data I/OEthernet: IPv4, IPv6 and 802.1X networks
Secondary data I/OUSB 2.0
Matching speedUnder 1 second
Matching capacityUp to 20,000 users for 1:1 or 1:N in-device matching. 1 MLN+ with on-server matching
Capture timeAbout 1sec in recognition mode.About10 seconds in enrollment mode.
Iris capture enrollment qualityMeets or exceeds ISO 29794-6 image quality requirements
Face image enrollment qualityMeets or exceeds ISO 29794-5 image quality requirements
Liveness checkingProprietary, utilizing different hardware characteristics of the device
Supported protocolsWiegand (up to 200 bits), OSDP, F2F, PAC

For a complete list of Specifications please download the Data Sheet below.

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