Hardware Products

nano NXT

The nano NXT redefines the future of access control with a sleek, low-profile point of entry iris-based recognition system with powerful capabilities.  The nano NXT can authenticate up to 20 people per minute, in-motion and at-a-distance with unparalleled accuracy. 

This solution is an ideal replacement for card-based systems and seamlessly controls access to secured entrances, server rooms and any physical space.

The nano NXT can be used in a variety of environments including commercial/enterprise, corrections, data centers, education, financial services, government, healthcare and hospitality facilities.

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nano EXT

nano  EXT, the first-of-its-kind outdoor access control system is unlike other biometric and card-based control solutions available today.  nano EXT identifies people in real-time, in-motion and at-a-distance, in both indoor and outdoor locations.  The nano EXT allows you to move people through doors or checkpoints at a rate of up to 20 people per minute without delays or backups.

The device is designed to operate in direct sunlight, snow or rain and at temperatures between -40F and 150F.  The device’s sleek, unobtrusive design is network-compatible, making installation simple, and since the nano EXT both enrolls and identifies, you don’t need any additional equipment. 

The nano EXT features auto-height adjustment to allow simple interaction regardless of the user height.  With no cards, fobs or keys to replace or upgrade, and no risk of loss or theft, iris technology makes credential management incredibly easy and cost-effective.

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myris® is a USB powered Iris Identity Authenticator™ that uses patented technology to convert individual iris characteristics to a unique code.  myris provides unparalleled security, is portable, light-weight and is as easy as looking in a mirror.

Use myris to quickly and easily enroll users for EyeLock’s access control products or to grant users access to corporate domain environments within seconds – users never have to type their username and password again.  On the back end – administrators can set passwords as complex as they like and once myris is linked, they can forget them.

Use myris for enrollment, directory authentication or to secure workstations, high-value transactions, critical databased and information systems for enterprises large and small.

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Physical Security Needs


Portable Template Readers

Allow customers to save iris template (EyeLock ID™) on EV1 or EV2 smart cards or on BLE enabled mobile devices.  The EyeLock ID™ is transferred to the physical access control device (either nano NXT or nano EXT) one of two ways, depending on the customer’s preference.

EV1/EV2 – Smart Card

During authentication, the user presents their card to the reader and the EyeLock ID™ is transferred to the physical access control device for authentication.  The user then presents their eyes to the physical access control device to be authenticated.

Mobile Device

This low power variant of the Bluetooth standard allows a user to be able to transfer their EyeLock ID™ to the physical access control device at a distance of approximately 12 feet.  The user then presents their eyes to the physical access control device to be authenticated.

The EyeLock ID™ is not permanently stored on the physically access control device as it is removed from memory shortly after the authentication is complete.


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Software Products


EyEnroll is EyeLock’s easy-to-use application for the enrollment and management of users utilizing EyeLock’s iris authentication products.

EyEnroll is the tool used to capture iris images, create user templates, add users, and can be used for cardholder management and NXT custom key management. EyEnroll provides real-time feedback during the enrollment process and aids the user in the selection of quality enrollment images.

Quality enrollment is critical to system-wide performance and improves the user experience by lowering the FRR (False Rejection Rate) and reducing end-user frustration. Information updates and access revocations are easily be performed and access logs are verified and exported using EyEnroll.

EyEnroll allows card credential information to be easily entered for each user, enabling the device to interface with 3rd party access control systems.

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Identity Suite

The EyeLock Identity Suite Centralized Management Application (CMA) streamlines administration of EyeLock devices and users. The
browser-based CMA simplifies firmware updates and provides the ability to simultaneously manage multiple device settings and remote
device diagnostics for online and offline devices.  The CMA turns any networked PC with access to the Identity Suite server into an enrollment
station – a convenient solution for enterprise organizations with multiple geographic locations.  When configured, the included Active Directory integration allows users to take advantage of Single Sign-On (SSO) using their existing Active Directory domain components.

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