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Citigroup, Diebold to unveil new technology that eliminates the need for cards.

Will ATM machines soon be able to identify you by your eyes?

Citigroup Inc. is testing new technology with automated-teller-machine maker Diebold Inc. that would allow customers to withdraw money with an eyeball scan or a code on a smartphone instead of a card swipe.

NEW YORK, Sept. 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- EyeLock, LLC announced today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued a patent covering the utilization of a biometric reader to ensure the provenance of passengers at a transportation facility, such as a commercial airport. The issuance of this patent is timely, as demand for biometric authentication is growing rapidly with border control and transportation facilities looking to securely authenticate passenger identity and passengers seeking the ease and convenience of using biometrics to streamline traveling. 

NEW YORK, Sept. 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- EyeLock LLC, a market leader of iris-based identity authentication solutions, will be showcasing its award winning and latest technology in Booth #602 at next week's ASIS 2015 in Anaheim, California.

NEW YORK, Sept. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- EyeLock LLC, a market leader of iris-based identity authentication solutions, today announced the following three key appointments as part of its plan to continue to strategically grow the Company in crucial markets and industry segments, and cement the Company's position as an industry leader:

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., Sept. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- VOXX International Corporation VOXX, +3.93% today announced that it has successfully completed its acquisition, effective September 1, 2015, to acquire a controlling stake of biometrics leader, EyeLock. VOXX has acquired a 54% equity interest in a newly formed subsidiary, EyeLock LLC, which now owns all of the intellectual property and substantially all of the other assets of EyeLock, Inc. and its subsidiary EyeLock Corp., and has assumed certain of their liabilities. The total purchase price, inclusive of prior investments, is approximately $20.2 million. The Company also disclosed that it has entered into a Loan Agreement with EyeLock LLC, providing up to $10 million for working capital purposes in the form of a secured credit facility.

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., Aug. 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- VOXX International Corporation (VOXX) today announced that it has entered into a Definitive Agreement to purchase the assets, inclusive of all intellectual property, of iris authentication market leader EyeLock through an acquiring entity. Upon consummation of the transaction, VOXX will have a controlling interest in the acquiring entity. The closing of the transaction is subject to completion of due diligence.  Expanding on its existing supply chain and distribution relationship with EyeLock, VOXX will play a larger role in the distribution and sale of EyeLock's suite of products with an increased focus on enterprise and access control business lines.

EyeLock Inc., a market leader of iris-based identity authentication solutions and COMTEX, a leader in design and integration of electronic security solutions to a wide range of industries and governmental agencies in Brazil and Latin America, today announced a strategic partnership to bring EyeLock’s Iris Authentication Solutions to Brazil and Latin America.

EyeLock, Inc., a market leader of iris-based identity authentication solutions, today announced the market availability of nano NXT, the next generation of EyeLock’s revolutionary access control solutions. With its sleek design, powerful capabilities, user-friendly operation, and affordability, the nano NXT is an access control solution for companies large and small. 

EyeLock, Inc., a market leader of iris-based identity authentication solutions, introduces enterprise myris, a USB-enabled iris identity authenticator providing the most convenient and secure way for companies large and small to authenticate and manage  employees’ digital identities.

As the first USB-powered accessible iris authentication product specifically engineered for enterprise use, enterprise myris enables the use of best practices for password protocols and mitigates vulnerabilities associated with the password breaches and security issues facing companies. 

You know how we come across or hear about new revolutionary technology almost every day. Autonomous cars, vehicle automation, inductive charging, to name a few. What if I told you soon there will be a technology that will allow you to start your car with a scan of your eyes instead of the ignition switch? As unbelieveable as that sounds, a New York-based company that provides advanced iris based identity management technology solutions - EyeLock - is working on an iris identity authentication technology to validate the driver and authorise the start of the vehicle.

One Company Brings Iris Identification To The Auto Industry

Someday soon, drivers may start cars with a scan of their eyes instead of the turn of a key. EyeLock, a New York company that manufactures biometric equipment, is developing a camera-based system that identifies drivers through a scanner installed in visors or rear-view mirrors.

With a glance, an infrared scanner and algorithm interpret and code 240 unique properties found in the iris of each human eye. Collectively, those characteristics serve as a sophisticated fingerprint. Once a scan is matched to a driver's iris template, the vehicle can be started and the journey can begin.

Iris authentication leader adds expert in mobile human interface sensing to expand mobile offering across consumer and enterprise markets.

EyeLock, Inc., a market leader of iris-based identity authentication solutions, today announced it has appointed Steve Gerber to the new role of Senior Vice President of Mobile and Wearables. Gerber will be responsible for leading development of mobile platforms and wearable solutions for EyeLock's technologies. Gerber brings more than 25 years of success and innovation in the semiconductor industry to his role at EyeLock, with expertise in human interface sensing within the mobile market.