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More reliable than most biometrics, Iris-identity authentication solutions are catching on, with one company looking to turn the technology into an everyday utility.

In the ongoing quest for secure authentication and data protection, iris-based identity authentication solutions stand out as one of the most the innovative and reliable tools. And given the legal industry’s relationship with clients at the forefront of data protection technologies, this technology may soon become the standard for many law firms and legal departments.

NEW YORK, March 31, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- EyeLock LLC, a market leader of iris-based identity authentication solutions, today announced it has entered into a partnership with PSA Security Network, the world's largest electronic security cooperative.  Through this partnership, PSA integrators will offer EyeLock's market leading iris biometrics products to their vast customer base.

You know how we come across or hear about new revolutionary technology almost every day. Autonomous cars, vehicle automation, inductive charging, to name a few. What if I told you soon there will be a technology that will allow you to start your car with a scan of your eyes instead of the ignition switch? As unbelieveable as that sounds, a New York-based company that provides advanced iris based identity management technology solutions - EyeLock - is working on an iris identity authentication technology to validate the driver and authorise the start of the vehicle.

2016 BIG Innovation Award Winners and Finalists Announced by the Business Intelligence Group

Steve Jobs famously said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower,” and today the Business Intelligence Group named 47 companies as leaders and winners in the 2016 BIG Innovation Awards. This annual business awards program recognizes those who have brought new ideas to life and seek to change the way we all experience the world.

Tired of having to remember PINs, or having a wallet full of plastic cards? Well, if EyeLock has its way, you eventually won't have to. Teaming up with self-service tech company Diebold, it's created a prototype automated teller that has no keypad, card reader or screen. Known as the Irving concept, it utilizes an iris scanner and an app instead.
Here's how Irving works …

EyeLock is showing off a range of its offerings at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, and has also made a big announcement: The company’s first iris module for PC products is now available.

Developed in collaboration with the Wistrom NeWeb Corporation, the PC module is designed to bring iris-based user authentication to a range of PC products, via integrations into third party products and EyeLock-enabled designs from WNC. The companies say their module can authenticate a user from up to 60cm, allowing considerable ease-of-use in PC applications.

Imagine if you could operate an ATM with a wink. Passwords, as we all know, can be hacked--but what about our eyes? A company here at the Consumer Electronics Show is showcasing technology that let our eyes open our

ATMs, computers and smartphones. And that was hands down the coolest security tech we’ve seen so far at CES 2016. The iris is way more effective than a password, says Anthony Antolino, the chief marketing officer for EyeLock, which is showcasing a new Iris enabled ATM here at CES. “You have to be alive in front of the camera in order for the system to work,” he says.

Company’s Patented Technology is Highly Secure, Universally Embeddable, Widely Deployable, and Scalable -- Providing an Unprecedented Level of Accuracy, Convenience, and Security at Home, at Work, in Industry, and On-the-Go

Las Vegas, 2016 CES LVCC Booth 10417, Jan. 5, 2016 – EyeLock LLC, a market leader of iris-based identity authentication solutions, today announced that it will showcase its latest products and solutions at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in the VOXX International booth under the theme Iris Identity Authentication for the Internet of Things – Securing identity; Simplifying Life. VOXX International acquired a majority interest in EyeLock in September 2015.

EyeLock and Diebold have teamed up on a new screen-less, self-service ATM concept that harnesses emerging technology to create a vision of what the future banking experience might look like. Citibank is testing the Diebold prototype in its innovation lab.

EyeLock LLC, a market leader of iris-based identity authentication solutions, and Diebold, Incorporated, a leading global provider self-service technology, software and services to financial, commercial, retail and other markets, have teamed up on a new screen-less, self-service ATM concept that harnesses emerging technology to create a vision of what the future banking experience might look like.

ATM maker Diebold is showing off two new concepts at this week’s Money 20/20 conference in Las Vegas. The offerings are the products of the company’s Responsive Banking concept, which itself made its debut at last year’s Money 20/20.

One of the new prototypes, called the Janus concept, is a two-sided ATM that can serve two customers at once. Perhaps more importantly, it doesn’t feature a card reader, relying instead on QR codes or NFC technology for customer identification. The other concept, called Irving, is an ATM with neither a PIN pad, nor a card reader, nor a screen; instead, all transactions take place via the user’s smartphone. In addition to NFC and QR code technology, this system uses iris scanning are used to identify the customer, and a mobile app provides the interface.

While it sounds like something out of "The Jetsons," there soon might be an ATM that can identify you just by scanning your eyes. Diebold, a company that designs and markets ATMs, is partnering with Citigroup to test a new high-tech, mobile-friendly machine that would allow customers to do away with the current model of carrying around a plastic card.

Diebold is introducing the "Irving model" this week at Money20/20, a financial services trade show in Las Vegas. The machine is being tested by Citigroup in New York.