EyeLock is different. Here’s why.

EyeLock LLC is an acknowledged leader in advanced iris authentication for the Internet of Things (IoT), providing the highest level of security with EyeLock ID™ technology. Iris authentication is highly secure because no two irises are alike and the iris is the most accurate human identifier other than DNA. The company's significant IP portfolio, including more than 75 patents and patents pending, and proprietary technology enables the convenient and secure authentication of individuals across physical and logical environments. EyeLock's solutions have been integrated and embedded across consumer and enterprise products and platforms, eliminating the need for cards, PINs and passwords.


EyeLock uses video, not still pictures, to capture an image of your eyes, and delivers throughputs of up to 50 people per minute.

One-In-1.5M Security

No two human irises are alike – not in twins, nor even on the same person. EyeLock provides a False Accept Rate of 1-in-1.5 million for a single eye.

No Iris, No ID

EyeLock generates a unique encrypted code of each iris. Then to authenticate your ID, it matches the encrypted code with your eyes.

Biometrics Facts

Eliminating "False Accepts"

One of the most important measures of biometric accuracy
is the false acceptance rate (FAR).

EyeLock's dual-iris authentication method produces one of
the lowest FARs in the field. Only DNA is more accurate.

Sources:  NIST, IBG, Apple, Biometrics.org

Highly Recognized

Here are some of the corporations across the Fortune 500 who recognize the level of security EyeLock provides due in part to its false accept rate (FAR), ease of use and scalability. As a sponsor member of the Fast Identity Online (FIDO) Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a safer and more secure digital presence for consumers, EyeLock is dedicated to providing digital privacy and next generation security.

Case Study

The use case below illustrate a real-world example of how EyeLock's iris solutions can help organizations solve complex problems not possible with traditional access and authentication systems.


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