Educational institutions at all levels face increasing risks stemming from lack of identity certainty. K-12 schools confront regular challenges ensuring student and parents are paired, taking accurate attendance, and knowing who enters and leaves a facility. At higher levels of education, EyeLock technology mitigates risks associated with uncontrolled access to research labs containing hazardous materials, unauthorized access to athletic facilities, and fraudulent use of cafeteria plans. EyeLock’s identity authentication technology is being used to bring safety, security, and convenience to students, parents, teachers and administrators at all levels of education.
EyeLock has fully integrated with ION attendance to provide a fast, user friendly and reliable means of managing bus boarding, attendance, library checkout and mustering system in order to provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

Extended list of use cases:


  • Parent and student pairing/tracking
  • School buses
  • Student physical access control:
    • School buildings
    • Sports facilities
    • Computer labs
  • Student attendance tracking
  • Cafeteria meal access/payment
  • Teacher and Staff access control
  • Teacher and Staff time and attendance

Higher Education

  • Student physical access control:
    • Dormitories
    • Athletic facilities
    • Computer labs
    • Dining Services
    • Library
    • Student center
  • Student attendance
  • Dining services access / payment
  • Library materials check-out
  • Securing hazardous materials Labs
  • Teacher and Staff access control
  • Teacher and Staff time and attendance


09 Marzo 2015


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