Corrections facilities pose a unique identity challenge – high numbers of individuals need to be identified with 100% certainty, and do not carry any identifying documents. With rising costs and limited administrative resources, all facilities need a technology designed to accurately identify prisoners, guests and employees in timely and cost effective manner. Only EyeLock’s in-motion and at-a-distance technology can ensure that individuals are authenticated quickly and with certainty.
EyeLock technology  is fully integrated with the Identity One booking and release package, providing a complete end-to-end solution to ensure identity certainty of all inmates upon entry and release from prison.

Extended list of use cases:

  • Booking and release
  • Local Police Holding Tanks
    • Officer access control
    • Officer time and attendance
    • Detainee enrollment
  • Prisoner Transfer
    • Transfer agent access control
    • Transfer agent time and attendance
    • Prisoner Tracking
  • State/Federal Prison Systems
    • Guard access control
    • Guard time and attendance
    • Prisoner tracking and discharge assurance


09 Marzo 2015


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