VIP Access

VIP Access

VIPs should receive expedited access to receive their VIP credentials and for access to VIP areas. Unfortunately traditional forms of identifying people, are slow, cumbersome, and provide a bad user experience. EyeLock’s in-motion and at-a-distance authentication technology offers an enrollment process that is as easy as looking in a mirror, and grants access in a fast, easy and accurate manner– no more waiting on lines.

  • The EyewSwipe-Nano is small and portable enough for event staff to enroll a VIP wherever is most convenient:  At the event, or even in the guest’s own home or office.
  • HBOX is an overhead iris-based identity authentication system. VIPs can use the HBOX to gain quick and easy access to VIP areas.


EyeLock technology allows for the highest levels of privacy at VIP events:

  • No need for name badges
  • No credentials which can be lost, stolen or reused
  • No need to store personal information (images, etc) in the EyeLock system


09 Marzo 2015


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